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SALTS is a privately run Speech and Language Clinic based in Raheen, Limerick. Referrals can be taken from parents, teachers, G.P.s, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, other Speech Therapists and any other professionals seeking to refer a child. The Clinic was established in 2010 and hosts speech therapists Kasey O’ Shea and Colleagues.

Providing Professional Speech and Language Assessment and Intervention

Specialising in Autism and Early Intervention

Autistic Spectrum

We assess and treat newly diagnosed children, children with query diagnosis and children with ongoing needs. We have extensive experience with children on the Autistic Spectrum and work with teams of behavioural consultants, home tutors, parents, teachers and other professionals to treat the children who attend SALTS. We fully believe in a holistic, intensive, regular approach to treatment. We treat children using evidence based practices.

Pre-schoolers with delays/disorders in Speech and Language

At SALTS, we believe Early intervention is vital. It is proven to be the best place to start therapy with children who have pronunciation difficulties and ongoing language and communication needs.We have a child friendly clinic setting to help children learn and progress where they feel safe and confident. We also work in a number of infant schools, developing resources and treatment approaches for young children and are committed to helping all children reach their potential. Working with toddlers to give them the best chance at being ready for life in National School is a rewarding and valuable part of our profession and we believe Early Intervention cannot be underestimated.

School aged children

School aged children who have difficulty with literacy or following the general curriculum often have underlying language deficits. We will assess, identify and treat all communication and literacy difficulties. We help students catch up faster, perform better and learn easier through guided intervention, supplementing Resource programmes and incorporating speech and language goals into a child's daily routine. We work closely with parents and teaching staff to ensure children have daily speech and language input and we help write individual education plans so that targets are at the correct level.

Children with Specific Language Impairment

Children with Specific Language difficulties tend to have strengths and weaknesses that need equal focus. At SALTS, we aim to build on a child’s strengths and confidence while targeting weaknesses specific to their profile; be it grammar, storytelling, understanding or explaining. These children have abilities they are not realising which we help them to develop academically and socially.

Children with Hearing difficulties

Children with hearing difficulties need targeted speech practise and often require language intervention to help them catch up or keep up with peers. SALTS has worked with many hearing impaired children to help them progress. We can provide inital hearing assessment referral, ongoing support and guided therapy.

Children with Pronunciation difficulties

Children who have delays or disorders of speech require intense, regular and guided treatment to progress. Pronunciation work is technical and needs specific instruction to ensure children are working on the correct targets in the correct way. We enjoy helping children fix their speech errors and we use varied and fun ways to work on getting a child's sounds correct as well as training parents to be confident in helping their child learn to speak clearly .

Children with Social Integration difficulties

Children who find it difficult to make friends because of their difficulties often lack the language and pragmatic skills they need to be comfortable as part of a group. We run Social Groups for children at all levels throughout the year/ /Targets are set specifically for each group. We help children understand their peers, converse in a group, work together, join in, interact appropriately and learn from each other.

Children with learning difficulties associated with other disorders.

Children with learning difficulties learn in different ways and at varying speeds. The key to successful therapy for children is adapting the approach to suit their needs, including functional living skills so that we provide the building blocks for independence. We incorporate communication, attention, memory, sensory, self-help and listening skills into treatment plans to ensure a rounded approach.

Professional Workshops

We run professional workshops on demand and have provided training for:
• Working with pronunciation.
• Incorporating language goals into literacy targets.
• Building the language of Maths.
• Learning Language through Play and Routines.
• Social Skills in Primary School.
• Choosing Targets for students.
• Modifying goals for mixed groups.
• Building Expressive Language Skills.

What people say about SALTS

  • Kasey O' Shea has been working as a speech and language therapist in St Michael's Infant School since 2008. She has provided invaluable support and advice to parents, classroom teachers, resource and learning support teachers. Kasey develops excellent individualised programmes for our pupils in collaboration with parents, teachers and the pupils. She models lessons for the parents and teachers and continuously monitors and reviews the effectiveness of each programme developed. Kasey adopts a very professional approach to her work and shows a deep understanding of the pupils' needs. She has a very gentle and caring nature which allows her to assist the pupils in our school to reach their full potential. We as a school are extremely fortunate to have Kasey as a member of our team. (Tracie, Principal)

    Kasey…You are a unique person with the greatest gift I know.. The ability to change not only a child's life but a family’s life forever... Not many people in this world can say they make such an impact on so many. I will be forever thankful and in awe of you. You changed my boy from rocking in a corner afraid of the world to winning gold medals and loving life. Quite simply thank you. (Oorla)

  • Just a little over three years ago my wife and I became concerned about the development of our youngest child Liam. He was approaching his second birthday and we had growing concerns about his lack of speech, interest in people along with a range of untypical behaviours. Kasey was highly recommended to us by a family member who had experience of her service. It was clear that Liam needed intervention and we were so eager to access this intervention both early and intensively.
    On the day of our first appointment, I remember feeling nervous introducing Liam to Kasey. He was a very vulnerable child and I felt protective of him around other people, professional or not. This feeling quickly left me as soon as Kasey opened the door. My wife and I had hardly finished introducing ourselves before she was on the floor with Liam smiling, praising and tickling him. Her use of skills and intuition instantly established a rapport between them. She made him feel safe and she made him feel like nobody was more important in the world. Kasey’s first assessment identified Liam’s needs both quickly and accurately. She clearly explained what had to happen in order for Liam to thrive and modelled how this could be done during their sessions together. Following Kasey’s assessment, Liam was formally diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder by a Clinical Psychologist.
    Kasey and Liam spent over three years working together. During that time, I went back to college and trained as a Behavioural Therapist and now have my own practice. So much of this journey was influenced by Kasey’s work with Liam and the effectiveness of good quality early intervention. I have enormous respect for her from both a parental and professional perspective and this is a testament to her skill-level and professionalism.

    Having a child with additional needs irrespective of their nature brings with it great stress and worry. You need to feel confident that your child is getting every chance he/she deserves to make gains in order to reach their full potential, whatever that may be. Within minutes of meeting Kasey, I felt this confidence and it never wavered.
    Liam is now 5 years old. He is a typical, happy and social boy with a great sense of humour and loves playing with his friends. He attends a mainstream school and presents with no developmental concerns across social, communicative or cognitive areas. He is a poster-child for quality intervention delivered at the right stage by the right person. I was happy when Kasey asked if I would write an honest appraisal of her work with Liam. I was happy in the hope that more children like him would be lucky enough to find a practitioner with such talent and dedication to their work. I hope more children like Liam get the opportunity to reach their potential and lead happy and healthy lives. (Kevin)

  • Kasey is a wonderful therapist who we feel really understands our daughter and is advancing her all the time. She is extremely helpful and is always there for advice and encouragement. (Pamela)

    After using other services, we switched to Kasey based on recommendations and we will never look back. She has helped our son progress beyond expectations and has been nothing short of a life saver at times of stress and confusion for us when dealing with other people involved in Eoin’s education. She is highly knowledgeable in sensory understanding and has helped Eoin gain language, confidence and social skills over the last two years. We can’t sing her praises highly enough. (Breda and Dermot)

    Some people fit their work so well and Kasey is one of these people. She is positive and forthcoming, has always made us feel integral in our son’s progress and has provided ongoing targets and outlook for his teachers and for us. We would be lost without her. (Sam)

  • My son Dennis has been attending SALTS for the last number of years. During that time Dennis’ communication and comprehension abilities have improved so much. I have found our therapist very focused on need and an extremely friendly and caring person. I would recommend SALTS to anyone seeking speech therapy. (Majella)

    Kasey is amazing at explaining our son’s communication difficulties and working with him to make sure he is getting the most out of his therapy. He has made excellent progress and loved all the fun activities in his sessions. Can't recommend her highly enough. (Michelle)

Kasey O'Shea

Founder of Speech and Language Therapy Services

Kasey graduated with a M.Sc. in Speech and Language Therapy from the University of Limerick in 2007 and founded Speech and Language Therapy Services in 2010. Kasey also has an M.Phil in Linguistic from Trinity College Dublin where she focused on Developing Language in Childhood. She has worked on home and school programmes for Autistic children since 2002 and has a special interest in all paediatric, particularly general pre-school development and school literacy/language integration. Kasey has worked in mainstream and special school settings on a regular basis since starting her career, guest lectures in Mary Immaculate College more recently and has a current research interest in childhood mental health, anxiety and therapeutic play approaches across all ages.
Joanne Horgan qualified with a B.Sc. in Speech and Language Therapy from the University College Cork in 2018. Joanne has a special interest in paediatrics and has previously worked in Paediatric Primary Care. She spends her time managing a complex caseload, liasing closely with teachers and other professionals through her work. All therapists at SALTS follow evidence based practices, maintain their professional excellence and receive ongoing training to support their needs as well as the needs of the families they help. All retain their regulatory status with CORU in order to practice here in Ireland.
At SALTS, we run teacher, carer and other professional workshops on request, social groups for children of all ages and we consult on home tuition programmes. We have extensive training amoung our therapists in areas such as Lamh, Pecs, Challenging Behaviour, Hanen, Therapeutic Play, DIR Floortime, ADOS, Linguistic Development, Teaching English as Second Language, MAPA, Literacy Development, Family Development, Psychology, Primary School teaching and Social Skills. In addition to Children First and Paediatric First Aid , we ensure we are equipped to help children in a safe and holisitc therapy environemnt.
We are ongoing members of the Irish Association of Speech and Language Therapists (IASLT), CORU and are fully accredited. Kasey encourages all the therapists who train and work at SALTS to create therapy resources for use in the clinic and to make resources based on individuals' needs. Since becoming a parent in 2012, which gives invaluable personal experience on the reality of juggling a busy family life, Kasey maintains the motto:

‘If we can help the children who come to SALTS to reach their potential as much as I strive to help my own children reach theirs, then we have done our jobs well’ Kasey.

To see Kasey herself give out some tips, click on the facebook link.


You can consult with the therapists at SALTS before committing to an appointment by calling, emailing or messaging. The following information may answer some of your initial questions:

How much does it all cost?

The initial full assessment fee varies. Contact the clinic to determine what you need. A €100 booking deposit can secure your assessment slot. This is non-refundable if you cancel your assessment. Therapy costs vary according to:
- group or individual sessions
- session length
Individual session costs generally range from €65-€120 (30min-60min).
Group sessions depend on duration of the session and number of participants.
Cancellation charges apply when less than 24 hours notice is given to cancel. A full list of service and administration costs is available in the clinic or on request.

Can you see children who are not good at paying attention?

Yes, because not all the therapy will be table top based for a child with poor attention. Sensory integration methods, floortime learning and variation of tasks will help these children to focus long enough for their sessions.

Can you see very shy toddlers?

Yes. On some occasions, young children will sit on their parents lap if that makes them feel safer but they usually become too interested, once they are comfortable in the environment, and then they start to play and listen during the first assessment. Once the initial interaction is made, therapy interaction for progressive sessions tends to be much easier.

Can I get the same therapist and session times to suit?

In a private clinic, there are always compromises of time to be made. SALTS tries to provide appointments outside of children’s school hours if that is needed, so that they are not missing academic time. We run some early mornings and late afternoons to cater for working parents but due to our own committments and busy clinic schedules, not all time slots requested will be available. If you require ongoing therapy, we recommend block booking your appointments in advance and booking further appointments one month before the end of your block. We do try to keep your child with the therapist who assesses them for a period of time. Staff changes and schedule changes are a part of any clinic but we will cater for our clinic users as best as we can.

How many sessions will I need?

It depends on your child’s difficulty and needs. This is best discussed when you give more information about your child and after the initial assessment. If you just require an assessment for a school, but no intervention, this can be done.

How long are the sessions?

Assessments are usually 60-75mins. Individual sessions are 30-45-60 mins. Group and paired sessions are 60-120mins.


We are available by phone and email to answer all questions. Should you leave a message, we will endeavour to respond to your query within 48 hours


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